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How did MUGE Manufacturer launch these Sneeze Guard?

Face to Face service is the most preferable society culture in the business. Whatever closer distance, or showing facial expression, they are so valuable and important absolutely. People have to keep society distance to protect themselves and also others, aerosol sprays hold up the face to face communication. Wearing a face mask will pull us away from each other with a big gap. Therefore based on the market demand and social needs, MUGEZG launched a lot of standard version Sneeze Guard and custom Sneeze Guard solutions based on current raw materials supplies resources. There are Portable Sneeze Guard and Hanging Sneeze Guard; any other usage Sneeze Guard could be customized.

vertical sneeze guard

Desk or Reception counter Sneeze Guard must consider the physical working environment and social occasions, then it can create safety for free talk and bring comfortable feeling for the talker. Before designing all Sneeze Guard, MUGEZG engineer make a full research.

The height when the worker seated in the chair: 42inches(106.68cm) – 54 inches(137.16cm)

The height when the worker standing: 5ft(152.40cm) – 6ft(182.88cm)

The height of Desktop: 30inches(76.20cm) – 42inches( 106.68cm)

The height of Sneeze Guard: 24inches(60.96cm) – 32inches(81.28cm)

Sneeze Guards Specification

sneeze guard glass
counter sneeze guard
glass counter sneeze guard

Students Version XFL606004

600*280*600MM (4MM)

Counter Version XFL806005

800*250*600MM (5MM)

Counter Version XFL606703

600*270*670MM (3MM)

counter sneeze guard
adjustable sneeze guard

Counter Version XFL806003

800*40*600MM (3MM+18MM)

Adjustable Version XFL524204

520*200*420MM (4MM)

Hanging Version XFL906002

900*600*2MM (2MM)

custom sneeze guards

Customization is available, usually, the dimensions are 


the thickness of plexiglass is 3mm/4mm/5mm/6mm.

Hanging Version XFL1008002


Welcome to customize sneeze guards

with your own size

1. Sturdy and Stable construction, effectively stop the germs from coughs, sneezes, and saliva.
2. High definition with >95% transmittance, no barrier between each other and no blocking the eye vision
3. Easy to clean, just with a soft cloth and warm soap water
4. Generous, simple and neat fitting, suitable for all environmental decoration
5. Full new Acrylic with long time usage and won’t be yellowed
6. Non-corrosive when meeting dispergator such as nail polish etc.
sneeze guard testing

How is the package of Sneeze Guard from MUGE Manufacturer?

1. Double-sided coated kraft pater to protect the perspex surface without any scratch and defect
2. Every Perspex Sneeze Guard is packed by full foam in a single inner box
3. All inner boxes are packed into double corrugated outer carton with enough hardness
4. The wooden frame or wooden box package is available
sneez guard package
Sneez Guard Package
sneez guard package
Sneez Guard Package

MUGEZG Sneeze Guard Manufacturer Shortcut

How to customize Sneeze Guard from MUGE Manufacturer?

FACTORY price save you 30-50% in this difficult time, just let us know what size you need as below.

How to customize Sneeze Guard
1. PMMA materials
2. CNC Machining
3. Laser Cutting
4. Diamond Polishing
5. Hole drilling
6. Logo Printing
7. Adhesive Pasting
8. Quality Check
9. Strong Package
10. Shipment
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