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MUGE engineer team has always been dedicated to Protective Face Shields. Reusable Face Shield is coming out by the increasing market demand, it is also called Replacement Face Shields, the visors could be replaceable easily.

1. By global Corona spreading, front lines across the countries are facing a shortage of PPE products, meanwhile, the manufacturers haven’t been able to meet the rising demand with high quality and fast delivery.
2. It is not enough to only wear safety glasses and face masks, covering the whole face and preventing the splashes and sprays, droplets, etc.
3. Besides frontlines, the market is facing a huge amount of requests on reusable face shield coming from public places, such as restaurants, retailers, dental clinic, food plants, grocery stores, salons, beauties, health centers, etc.

It is absolutely important that face shields can be durable, cleaned, and reused repeatedly.

MUGE is manufacturing 2 kinds of reusable face shields, Headband version, and Glasses version.

reusable face shield application

Headband version reusable face shield

  • If the end-users are health care workers, protective face shields reduce their direct contact with infectious splashes, splatters, and sprays, up to 95%.
  • Reusable face shield dental is welcomed by dentists who are protected very well when closing to the patients’ face or mouth.
  • Reusable face shield medical can solve the tight shortage of PPE products for the front lines workers, it can best protect them besides of glasses and masks.

Specifications of MUGE Reusable Face Shield


PET shield 0.3*32.5*22cm; Frame 17*22*2.4cm


wear with glasses, loupes, goggles, masks, etc.


1pc PC headband frame, 10pcs PET shields, 1pc elastic band


up and down 360degree

Features of MUGE Plastic Face Shield

1. Double sides anti-fog technique, keeping HD transparent always
2. Reusable frame with quick shields change (coming with 10 shields, reusable face shield visors)
3. Available taking off the shield, clean and disinfect
4. Rotates 360 degrees, up and down, down at working and up at leisure
5. 180 degrees covering your whole face from left to right
6. Super lightweight, transparent and recyclable PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) material shields

Glasses version reusable face shield

This reusable face shield is more simple to cover the whole face, preventing the infectious droplets from entering the eyes, nose, and mouth.


Measurement: PET shield 0.2*25*19.5cm; Glasses Frame 14*13*3cm

Materials: 1pc Acrylic glasses frame, 10pcs PET shields

Compatible: wear with myopic glasses and masks etc.

Replacement Face Shield

Features of MUGE Full Face Safety Shield

1. No stress/pressure to the forehead, more comfortable and relaxing
2. Double side anti-fog technique, keeping HD transparent always
3. Reusable frame with shields change (coming with 10 shields, , reusable face shield visors)
4. Available taking off the shield, clean and disinfect
5. 180 degrees covering your whole face from left to right
6. Super lightweight, transparent and recyclable PET(Polyethylene terephthalate) material

How to reuse the face shield?

1. Take off the shield, you could use it repeatedly by washing it in soap water or by using some four droplets of hand sanitizer
2. The frame can be reused and washable always, and the shields are replaceable with the new visors in the bag
MUGE manufacturing situation on the face shield Production lines: 10pcs Daily production ability: 200,000pcs Delivery time: 3-7days Certificates: CE / FDA / REACH / SVHC / ISO9001 / BSCI / China government test report
As a package and printing factory, Muge owns 10 more production lines to manufacture face shields day and night currently. Strong existing raw materials supplies and machinery equipment are supporting Muge achieving super daily production ability 200,000pcs.

Face Shield Production Process

The whole process of independent production,can strictly control the quality.

To help the worldwide people fighting the Corona virus, China customs published a series of strict policies on such PPE products. What they are doing is to promise Made-in-China products with high quality, to protect the healthcare people better. MUGEZG has all certificates on factory and face shield, meeting all China customs strict requests and meeting their rigorous quality requests. The following are compliance of certificate, manual, and China custom release notice.
Certificate of Compliance
Compliance of Compliance
User Manual of Face Shield
User Manual of Face Shield
Custom Clearance of Face Shield
Custom Clearance of Face Shield

Maybe you will care about "How can you import reusable face shields for sale successfully? "

PPE products are sensible in business during this Corona outbreak. It is necessary to make enough preparation.

Firstly, Please read your customs importation rules for medical/PPE supplies carefully and check what documents needed; you could check your country customs official website or get information from your local freight forwarder.

Secondly, It will be better to contact a local customs clearance agent who can handle the custom clearance issues; If big quantity importation, then cooperating with your local forwarder to arrange all Import customs clearance will be recommended.

Thirdly, If you just would like to have a trial quantity and haven’t cooperated forwarder, then MUGE could recommend forwarder and quote to you.

 The above are some tips for you. However, the manufacturer has all qualifications to promise all products could be exported from China customs safely, all products from exporter are of high quality, then your importation will be not a problem.

MUGE sales team is available 7/24; Reusable face shield price, factory introduction, technique datasheet will be provided immediately after your message.

More about how to import face shield please check here

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