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1. Full isolation to ensure safety, anti aerosol, anti-dust, anti-splash
2. 180° protection isolation
3. High transmittance >95%
4. Double side anti-fogging
5. Anti-scratch of protective film
6. Lightweight, no pressure on the head

Face Shield Production Process

The whole process of independent production,can strictly control the quality.

Details of MUGEZG Disposable Face Shield

Direct Words Printing PET
anti-fogging PET
0.25mm Thickness PET
Alive Button
Elastic Band and Alive Button
35mm Sponge
Muge001 Qualification
Muge001 Package
Muge001 Package

Features of MUGEZG Face Shield

1. 0.25mm thick film, it is safer without deformation. The thickness of ordinary film is less than 0.16mm, which is easy to distort and have protection risks
2. Comfortable to wear a face shield, thick sweat-absorbent sponge inside the mask, Dia25mm elastic band, comfortable to wear, no pressure on the head
3. Double-sided anti-fog, environmentally friendly material. Anti-fog treatment of lens, using medical PET material, tasteless and environmentally friendly, high transparency​
4. Anti-liquid splash, effectively prevent droplets, liquids, and viruses from entering
5. Smooth polished edges anti-scratch and anti-cutting.
6. >95% visible light transmittance

Measurement of MUGEZG Face Shield

Specification of Disposable Face Shield

  • Advanced environmental protection polymer material can effectively isolate spray, aerosol, dust and liquid splashing at 180 ° C;
  • The lens of this disposable face shield is made of high-quality PET high light transmittance material, with good high-definition light transmittance and long-term wear without fatigue and tiredness;
  • Advanced anti-fogging coating technology can effectively prevent lens fogging, with high transmittance and high definition;
  • The whole body is designed with ergonomics, lightweight, free adjustment of tightness, suitable for all kinds of heads, convenient and comfortable to wear.

Where are MUGEZG disposable face shield used?

Applicable to all people and is suitable for various epidemic prevention work scenarios, such as a workshop, community quarantine, cleaning, security, traffic police

Quarantine, pollutant treatment, etc., to effectively prevent viruses from invading pollutants and protect the life safety of staff.

Remark: If you need a disposable face shield with medical standard, please kindly specify additionally.

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