15 tips you must know about disposable full face shield

        With the continuous outbreak of COVID-19 in the world, the number of infected people keeps reaching a new high. In order to better protect themselves, people pay more and more attention to personal protection equipment, and disposable full face shields are more and more popular. So how much do you know about disposable face shield? What should be paid attention to in the procurement process? Let us take a look…

Kids Face Shield

1. What are the components of a common disposable face shield?


Disposable face shields are used as personal protective equipment in work and life. It is mainly composed of the following par: Transparent PET lens, Sponge, Elastic band, Fixed buckle

Direct Words Printing PET
35mm Sponge
Alive Button
Elastic Band and Alive Button

2. What these face shield materials of disposable face shield play?

Transparent PET lens: Protect the face from infections (including Dust, Water, Body fluids, droplets, Saliva, Splash, Oil, etc.). This part is the most important for a good quality face shield visor.

Sponge: Sponge mainly serves as a cushion to increase the space between the PET sheet and the face. In this way, if you wear glasses, you can easily use it, and it will not interfere with each other because the glasses are too low. At the same time, if you use it for a long time, your forehead will not feel stressed and uncomfortable.

Elastic band: It plays the role of fixing the PET lens to the head, and will not fall off in work and life.

Fixing buckle: connect the elastic band and PET lens together.


3. What are the common types of disposable face shield?

According to the age of users, it can be divided into adults’ disposable face shield and kids’ disposable face shield. The main difference between them is the size. In addition, children’s disposable face shields are designed to be more cartoonish to meet the personal preferences of children. In order to let children like to wear them, rather than often taking them off.

According to whether it can be reused, it can be divided into disposable face shields and reusable face shields. The disposable face shield is generally discarded after one use and cannot be reused. The reusable protective face shield is composed of a fixed bracket and many disposable PET lenses. The fixed bracket can be reused, and only need to replace the disposable PET lenses to achieve the effect of repeated use.

According to the use, it can be divided into a personal protective face shield and a medical face shield. They implement different standards and have different certifications. The medical face shield visor will be more strict in the production. Therefore, in procurement, you must clarify the purpose and then purchase.

4. What do face shields protect you from?

Disposable face shields are mainly used in crowded areas, kitchens, and dusty areas. During the epidemic of COVID-19, it mainly protects the mouth, nose, and eyes. In order to prevent these parts from being invaded by viruses in other body fluids in work and life. At that time, in other application scenarios, it can also prevent dust, smoke, and other effects.

5. What is the size of the disposable protective face shield?

The regular size of the face shield, 320 * 220mm for adults and 270 * 170mm for children Other sizes and quantities can be customized, and shapes can also be customized. But now is a special period, we generally advise customers to choose regular sizes, so the delivery time will be much faster.

6. When should face shields be worn?

Applicable to all people and is suitable for various epidemic prevention work scenarios, such as a workshop, community quarantine, cleaning, security, traffic police, Quarantine, pollutant treatment, etc., to effectively prevent viruses from invading pollutants and protect the life safety of staff.

Remark: If you need a medical face shield with medical standard, please kindly specify additionally.

7. How do you put on a face shield?

The use method of the disposable face shield is very simple, just buckle the elastic band in the right position on the head and let the PET lens cover the entire face. Is it very simple and practical?

Disposable Face Shield

8. What is the production process of the disposable face shield?

The entire production process of a disposable face shield consists of 9 steps:

1. PET lens production: generally several PET lenses are assembled into one version.
2. Printing: Print information that meets customer requirements on the top of the PET lens.
3. Die-cutting: cut the large-sized PET lenses into several single PET lenses of suitable size.
4. Install the sponge: use the tool to install the sponge to the appropriate position of the PET lens.
5. Perforation of PET lenses: punch two holes in the upper part of the PET lens to fix the elastic band.
6. Install the elastic band: fix the elastic band to the two holes on the top with a fixing buckle.
7. Quality inspection: one quality inspector is arranged for each production line to conduct the pre-packaging inspection on the appearance and structural installation.
8. Bagging: Put the assembled disposable face shield, certificate of conformity, and instructions into the packaging PE bag.
9. Packing: Put 200 packed protective masks into the outer packing box.

The following photos of the production process for your reference:

Production process printing
Production process die cutting
Production process Install sponge
Production process fix button
Production process assemble
Production process packaging

9. What is the packaging requirements for disposable face shield?

Contains: 1 qualified product of disposable face shield, 1 certificate of conformity, 1 instruction manual, 1 PE bag.

During the packing process of the face shields, it is necessary to pay attention to neatly arranged to save the packaging size, thereby saving transportation costs.

Muge001 Package

10. How to distinguish the quality of disposable face shield?

Because it is directly blocked in front of the eyes, the transparency of the PET sheet is very high. Generally, transparency is required to be more than 95%, so as not to affect the line of sight in work and life.

At the same time, the thickness of the PET also has certain requirements. It must have a moderate thickness so that it is not easy to deform and better protect the entire face.

Because the heat generated when speaking in front of the eyes and mouth is blocked, it will generate fog and affect the line of sight, so PET must be anti-fog on both sides to ensure that it is not disturbed by fog during use.

11. How to conduct a pre-shipment inspection of a disposable face shield?

Refer to the specifications provided by the supplier to conduct random inspections on the dimensions and appearance of each part of the product: transparent PET lenses, sponges, elastic bands, and fixed buckles.

The most important points:

  1. Test the anti-fog effect of PET lens, whether it is a double-sided anti-fog material
  2. Sampling the PET lens of the protective mask for obvious scratches and creases.
  3. Are there any certificates and instructions in the package?

12. What qualified suppliers can export the disposable face shield?

Due to the sharp increase in the global demand for the disposable face shield, in order to ensure the quality of exported products, China Customs has increased the inspection of the face shield to ensure the quality of exported products. It also requires manufacturers to have the following qualifications before their products can be exported:

Test report of a third-party testing agency

Medical product operation record

CE test report and Certificate

Recording and registration of foreign trade operators

Business scope includes medical supplies

Reach's test report

13. What is the supply capacity of disposable face shield suppliers?

According to the scale of the supplier, 10K-100Kpcs / day

14. Where you can buy a disposable face shield?

In the current situation of COVID-19, many physical stores, wholesale markets, online malls, etc. have protective masks that can be supplied. If you are using them in bulk, for example, if the company buys a large number at one time, you can also purchase directly from China Factory.

15. What are the advantages of MUGEZG disposable face shield compared to the others on the market?

The below comparison for your reference:

1. Measurement:
MUGEZG- 320 mm*220 mm. It is wider, up to 220 deg. Coverage for the full face, especially blocks the aerosol spraying from the side face where it is always be ignored.
The others- 320 mm*220 mm or 25 0mm*290 mm
2. Sponge thickness:
MUGEZG- 3.5 cm High density. 1. Easy to wear goggles or glasses and keep enough comfortable gaps, won't cause light-reflective; 2. High density, wear comfortably, not deformed, not close to the face, won't prevent the eye vision
The others- 2.0-2.5 cm, Low density
3. PET thickness: MUGEZG- 0.25 mm. Sufficient hardness, not easily deformed, Anti stronger aerosol, dust, and splash, better to protect our face.
The others- 0.17-0.20 mm
4. Logo Words:
MUGEZG- HD print directly.
1. No fading, cracking or peeling when disinfecting if need 2.Showing high definition instruction and high quality
The others- Label or Sticker
5. Elastic band:
MUGEZG- 400*25 mm Wider. Support a bigger force surface to reduce the stress to the head the end-user won't feel pressure/pain if wear for a long time.
The others- 300*20 mm
6. Fixing button:
MUGEZG- Alive button and can fix it again. The button can be fixed again once if the face shield is stretched strongly
The others- Dead button, can't be used once if broken

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