How to import personal protective equipment from China?

    Because of the global spread of COVID-19, large quantities of personal protective equipments are exported from China to the world every day. In order to ensure the quality of exported goods, China Customs has increased the inspection of personal protective equipment. Such as disposable face shield, reusable face shield, disposable face mask, safety goggles, disposable protective gloves, disposable protective clothing, reagent kit, etc.


First, let's look at China's customs policy on the export of non-medical personal protective equipment.

1. On the package, be sure to have the "non-medical" logo (whether Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German... all languages are acceptable, must be clearly marked. If unmarked is a neutral product, it will be subject to customs seizure. (Also non-medical labels must be printed and stickers are not valid.)

Mislabeled ppe package
Mislabeled ppe package
Non-medical ppe package

2. The packaging must not have any “medical” words in Chinese or foreign language (e.g. medical, hospital, etc.), must not have FDA or EN14683 medical standards, and preferably must not have FFP2 or 3, because it is difficult to define the standards for the detection of oily particles, unless the supplier can provide a genuine CE certificate and product. 

Do not display the FDA mark on civilian (non-medical) packaging, as any with the FDA mark are medical. The U.S. civilian (non-medical) standards are registered in the U.S. NIOSH, has nothing to do with the FDA, where the civilian FDA logo is all fake. (That’s why China Customs now withholds all goods that are marked with the FDA logo but declared as civilian.

Non-medical but with FDA
Non-medical but with FDA
Civil standard but with FDA

3. CE and KN95 can be printed, as long as the corresponding technical standards are non-medical.

The non-medical technical standards for CE are: EN149-2001+A1:2009

The KN95 non-medical technical standard is: GB2626-2006

Non-medical with CE is OK

4. The certificate must contain the following main information: product name, model specification, production lot number, date of production, shelf life, technical standards, material, manufacturer, etc. (whether in Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German. All foreign languages are acceptable. (Also must be printed, stickers are not valid)

Correct Certificate
Correct Certificate
Sticker Certificate is not allowed

The certificate must be stamped, if without stamped, the customs can only be understood as not tested and qualified products, can only withhold the goods.

5. Packaging must be packaged in retail-ready packaging, not in skimpy bulk. It’s either a spec colored bag or a spec carton. There is no room for negotiation.

Loose Packaging
Loose Packaging
Loose Packaging
Loose Packaging
Individual Package

The above are the requirements of the Chinese Customs on the export of non-medical anti-disease materials, so when selecting suppliers, it is necessary to check whether the samples provided by them meet the above requirements, so as to avoid the purchase of goods, in the export customs declaration, detained by the Chinese Customs.

6. Please note that the product’s ingredients are labeled as a percentage, e.g. the mask is labeled as: 56% nonwoven + 36% melt spray cloth + 8% filter cotton.

Secondly, China Customs sets out the requirements for manufacturers as follows.

1. Manufacturers cannot be "punished" in the blacklist of the General Administration of Market Supervision
2. Joint declaration by exporter and importer must be provided
3. Product testing reports that meet China national standards
4. Non-Medical Letter of Commitment
5. Provide customs declaration documents including: customs declaration power of attorney + customs declaration form + pro forma invoice + packing list + trade contract + customs declaration elements
6. Manufacturer's license (may be required) Therefore, before entering into a partnership with a supplier, it is necessary to confirm that the manufacturer has the above qualifications. Otherwise, the goods will be seized by Chinese customs.
MUGE Manufacturer's-license
CE-Certificate of disposable face shield

Third, Choose the right, strong freight forwarding company.

Having identified a supplier to work with, we next have to choose a good freight forwarder. Because of the import and export of personal protective equipment, freight forwarder also play a very important role.
Strong freight forwarder, as they often ship personal protective equipment. They are familiar with the relevant customs regulations, can give good advice to the exporter and importer, but also can detect problems in the customs clearance documents. The exporters and importers will be able to avoid a lot of detours.
At the same time, if there are some small problems in the process of export or import customs clearance, for the strong freight forwarder, generally have their own way to help you to solve.

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